19 January 2009

Castillonnes 750th Anniversaire

Re bonjour,

I have just realised that I have not yet told you about the events that are taking place this year as part of the celebrations for Castillonnes 750th! anniversary.

Key dates and events are as follows:

Sat 4 Apr Comice agricole
Sat 4 Apr Communal meal poule au pot
Sat 4 Apr Launch of commemorative envelopes/stamps
Sat 4 Apr - Mon 13 Apr (Easter Mon) Stamp/seashell exhibition
Sun 12 Apr Brocante

Fri 19 Jun - Sat 27 Jun Art exhibition (school/college art projects on 750th
Fri 19 Jun - Sat 27 Jun History exhibition (of the bastide)

Sun 2 Aug - Bodega (all night party)
Tues 18 Aug - Sun 30 Aug History exhibition and old photographic display of the bastide
Sat 29 Aug - Medieval day with open air meal in market square
Fri 28 Aug - Sun 30 Aug Twinning weekend
Sat 29 Aug Inauguration of new entrance to Mairie

21/22 Sep - History/photo exhibition again to allow children to visit from schools but open to public
We are especially looking forward to the medieval day as there is a reduced fee for the banquet if you wear a costume and I am sure that the locals are already planning their costume atire, so the pressure is on to find a good costume :-)

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