23 May 2009

Castillonnes 750th Anniversaire Tea Towels

As many of you know, the village is which Maison de Poitiers is situated, Castillonnes, is celebrating its 750th anniversary this year so there are a variety of events taking place.

As part of the commemerations, a special tea towel has been created. It is made of high quality cotton and is white with blue printing.

I currently have a few available in my online shop, please contact if you would like further details. L x

12 May 2009

Castillonnes 750 years old this year

As you know, I was born in the youngest country in the world, which is how they are promoting New Zealand at present around the world so it is a little surreal when the village that you live in is celebrating it's 750th anniversary.

Hence Castillonnes is getting ready to party this year and we have a lot of events taking place including music concerts in the square and also medieval banquets complete with costumes. My very lovely and patient French teacher's husband (Didier) has taken a series of photographs which are going to be used as part of the 750th program.

The one that I sharing with you today is my favourite, I am sure that you will agree.

Merci beaucoup Didier, c'est super!

Leeann x