6 June 2013

dates for the diary...

Printemps des Bastides en Pays d'Eymet From Friday 21st to Sunday 23rd June
Mémoires de Pays - Spanish immigration
Friday 21st : Espace culturel in Eymet as a start, evening with Jean-Claude Delayre.
8.30pm : music and sevillan dances with Las CHICAS del SOL, map showing the spanish migration itinerary to Eymet, La Retirada, pictures and documents exhibition lent by witnesses
9.00pm : testimony lectures with Langage Pluriel Company, debat with the audience, MRAMI partenship and music with TRESSOMBRESS
11.00pm : closing with music and spanish pastries tasting.
Saturday 22nd : Saint-Aubin-de-Cadelech
4.30pm : Langage Pluriel Compagny will dramatise lecture about the spanish immigration
6.30pm : book sale about spanish immigration, authors will be there, pictures and documents exhibition
7.00pm : music
8.00pm : spanish gastronomy dinner
Sunday 23rd : Saint-Julien-d'Eymet
3.00pm : sevillan dances with Las CHICAS del SOL, testimony lectures with Langage Pluriel Company
5.30pm : EL COMUNERO concert (in tent) Thomas Jimenez and his three musician friends will play and sing about the spanish tragedy experience during fascism
7.30pm : meeting with artists. Food on site, special spanish barbecue.
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Voix du Dropt Wednesday 24th, Thursday 25th and Friday 26th July
This year the priority is given to drama and humour with two shows which had high success last season in Paris.
Wednesday 24 th: Programme not set yet.
Thursday 25th: Castle courtyard in Eymet, 9.30 pm - Cahin Caha by Serge Valetti
Created  at the Lucernaire in Paris, direction by David Géry with and in the title roles Olivier Crudellier and Christian Drillaud.
"How do we start?" wonders Caha. Between unusual and absurd, here we are carried away in a misunderstanding in which is to say that faced to the wild imagination of Cahin, Caha opposes a "I would not like to" into Bartleby way. And from this dynamic, both stooges will lead us to incredible pranks where madness and reason fight over the advantage. France Inter
Friday 26th: Castle courtyard in Eymet, 9.30 pm - Incredibly incroyable by and with Bertrand Brossard
A stand-up comedy in English for French and in French for English.
From Nicolas II's murder to mim artist Marceau, from the nautical escapadesof the Queen of England to the pleas of an anxious frog, the artist creates a universal language full of cynicism and dark human whic allows all French and English publics to understand each other and all agree in the common language of laugh.
Finally during these three days, Didier Bezace, honorary president of the Association culturelle de la Vallée du Dropt will please us with a reading ans a meeting, exchange with the public (schedule not set yet).
Information: - voixdudropt24@gmail.com
          Les Afrolatines festival Friday 12th and Saturday 13th July
Event cancelled.
Further information : www.lesafrolatines.com
Itinérance médiévale en Pays d'Eymet Saturday 3rd & Sunday 4th August
Medieval festivities in the castle yard, Cadix garden and Gabriel Forestier park in Eymet.
As a starting, on Saturday 3th: Debate-meeting with the Comité historique d'Eymet. Guided tour of the bastide by night - to discover the highlighted heritage of Eymet, commented in French and English. 
Free tour, torch €2.
Sunday 4th programme: Activities from 11.00 am to 7.00 pm in the castleyard, Gabriel Forestier park and Cadix garden. Opening at 11.00 am Camps, games, workshops, archery, horses... Tavern, medieval market. High points from 2.30 pm to 7.00 pm - Stilts, music, games, combats, drama, conjuring, dance, acrobatics, workshops... Visit of the bastide appointment at 3.30 pm at the Tourist Office. Animated medieval banquet Place de la Bastide at 8.00 pm. Prices €22 / adult, €13 / child under 12. 
Closing Spotlights on the square (at about 10.30 pm)
Further information : www.medieval.dropt.org
  White Wine and Oyster Fair Thursday 15th August
All day long, on the Bastide square in Eymet, tasting on site or to take away : fish, sea food, foie gras, poultry, grilled-meat and wines from the Pays d'Eymet... Dance in the evening. Further information on