2 May 2012

Les Nuits de Chateau Bridoire...


Friday and Saturday nights from 13 July to 18 August 2012

Chateau Bridoire is a local Chateau, 15 minutes drive from Maison No. 20 and in our opinion one of the most beautiful and interesting Chateaux in the area.

A unique opportunity to discover the castle of Sleeping Beauty. Open at night, led by costumed characters, crossed by animals from another century, you will discover Bridoire during its thousand years of history.

 The candlelit rooms, fireplaces burning, cooking with his scullions ready to help you discover the sweetness of "Wonderland", a classic cuisine of the Perigord.
Illuminated by the moon and the torches, the Games are available to families and friends. Time for a game of chess, you can take in the winter garden a nighttime snack.

The cellars are particularly welcoming to taste the richness of the soil, the vineyards of Bergerac and Monbazillac. During these nights all your senses will be awakened. The grand piano égrènera his notes in the cozy atmosphere of the salons, while in the castle courtyard, the atmosphere of medieval festival in full swing.

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