30 August 2009

October 2009 Events

Photo: Kees Terberg

Autumn is my favourite time of the year in SW France as the colours remind me of the fall in the US. It is an important time of the year as the grape harvest takes place this month and is a fabulous sight to behold.

There are many events taking place to commemorate the harvest and another favourite event is the pumpkin festival in Issigeac at the end of the month.

Some events taking place in October 2009:

Fri 2nd Oct Fête des Vendanges Sigoules

Sat 10th Oct Festival Grain d’Automne : Musique du Monde Cunèges, à l’église, à 20h30

Sun 11th Oct Semi-Marathon de Cyrano -Bergerac USB Athlétisme

Sun 11th Oct Morning Prayer Monteton 1030

Mon 12th Oct Vide Grenier Monempron Libos

Fri 23rd Oct Fête de la Bière avec l’orchestre Bavarois Bergerac
Le Music Hall à 20h30
Réservations : 05 53 22 58 11 ou 05 53 73 95 38 ou 06 08 49 60 47

Sun 25th Oct Foire aux Potirons Issigeac
Expo-vente de cucurbitacées, concours du plus gros potiron et des plus belles créations, ventes de soupe et de millas. Organisée par le Comice Agricole :

Sat 31st Oct Soirée spéciale Music Hall Cabaret
le "Music Hall" de Bergerac
Revue à grand spectacle "Cosmopolitan Company" et soirée dansante.
Dîner spectacle 49 euros.
Cocktail spectacle 20 euros.
Réservations : 05 53 22 58 11 ou 05 53 73 95 38 ou 06 08 49 60 47

13 August 2009

Jet2.com offer Leeds Bradford to Bergerac link

A new service between Leeds Bradford and Bergerac airports is to be operated by Jet2.com next summer.

Flights will depart every Saturday from May 17, 2010, with an additional Tuesday service available between June 28 and September 12.

One-way tickets start from £29.99 inclusive of fees and charges, and are on sale now.

Jet2.com offers a number of routes between the UK and France, operating flights to:

Avignon from Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford
Chambery from Belfast, Edinburgh, Leeds Bradford, Manchester and Newcastle
Paris from Leeds Bradford
Nice from Leeds Bradford and Manchester
La Rochelle from Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford
Toulouse from Belfast, Edinburgh and Leeds Bradford

Flight times
Leeds Bradford to Bergerac
Saturday, departs 8am, arrives 11am
Tuesday, departs 11.30am, arrives 2.30pm

Bergerac to Leeds Bradford
Saturday, departs 11.30am, arrives 12.30pm
Tuesday, departs 3pm, arrives 4pm

3 August 2009

Pizza and horse riding....

Photo: Cheval24

As most guests that have stayed with us before at Maison de Poitiers and more recently at Maison No. 20 know, there are many nice restaurants in the village of Eymet.

There is even an Indian Restaurant, "The Eymet Tandoori" and a few kms from Eymet, our favourite restaurant Ma Maison, who have the most gorgeous courtyard not to mention the best foie gras in the area.

After 2 years of almost living on foie gras, I consider myself to be a bit of an expert and I think that Didier's is the best that I have tasted!

I must admit that we have been pretty busy this last month or so but that is no excuse for not seeing the new pizzeria that opened a little over a week ago.

So we decided after an apéritif with friends that we should "test it" just to ensure that it was okay before we send our lovely guests there.

The pizza's were very tasty, with the base being not too thin but not too fat and the toppings were generous.

The restaurant is called Le Pepistril and it is open every day apart from Monday.

Where does the horse riding part come into the equation, you may well ask? Well whilst we were waiting for our pizzas I picked up a brochure on horse riding, cheval24.

So for those of you who like pizza and horse riding or either of the two, you know where to come and stay :-)

A bientot,