3 August 2009

Pizza and horse riding....

Photo: Cheval24

As most guests that have stayed with us before at Maison de Poitiers and more recently at Maison No. 20 know, there are many nice restaurants in the village of Eymet.

There is even an Indian Restaurant, "The Eymet Tandoori" and a few kms from Eymet, our favourite restaurant Ma Maison, who have the most gorgeous courtyard not to mention the best foie gras in the area.

After 2 years of almost living on foie gras, I consider myself to be a bit of an expert and I think that Didier's is the best that I have tasted!

I must admit that we have been pretty busy this last month or so but that is no excuse for not seeing the new pizzeria that opened a little over a week ago.

So we decided after an apéritif with friends that we should "test it" just to ensure that it was okay before we send our lovely guests there.

The pizza's were very tasty, with the base being not too thin but not too fat and the toppings were generous.

The restaurant is called Le Pepistril and it is open every day apart from Monday.

Where does the horse riding part come into the equation, you may well ask? Well whilst we were waiting for our pizzas I picked up a brochure on horse riding, cheval24.

So for those of you who like pizza and horse riding or either of the two, you know where to come and stay :-)

A bientot,


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