28 April 2009

French Labor Day - Fête du Travail.

It is a tradition in France that on May 1st, May Day - French Labor Day/Fête du Travail people will pick wild Lily of the Valley Muguets in French).
Also, it is very common to see roadside stands or people in front of supermarkets selling Lilies of the Valley, often to gather funds for an organization.
Lily of the Valley is a small plant that gives off a very nice smell. The tradition is: you go out and gather the Lilies of the Valley, enjoy the spring weather and get a little exercise. Then, when you have collected your Lilies of the Valley, you put them in a vase in your home to bring their perfume home.

7 April 2009

Some French Easter Facts

Photo courtesy of Epicerie de Charles

In France, church bells stop ringing on the Thursday before Good Friday and do not ring again until Easter Sunday morning. The reason for this is that all the bells are supposed to fly to the Vatican carrying with them the grief of those who mourn the crucifixion; then these flying bells (cloche volant) return on Easter Sunday bringing with them lots of chocolate and eggs.

Another French custom is a contest of rolling raw eggs down a gentle slope – the surviving egg is the victory egg symbolising the stone that was rolled away from Christ’s tomb. Kids also throw eggs in the air – the first one to drop theirs is the loser who must pay a penalty.
Joyeuses Pâques.........
L x

1 April 2009

Spring has arrived in SW France

I just had to share these photos with you, this is my favourite photo!

This one is so sweet, and so french with the shutters (volets)

I love the way the french mix different plants in one container....................

And finally, one for all you basket lovers out there...................

Tomorrow night - daylight permitting I am hoping to take one of the plum trees with their lovely white blossom so watch this space!

If you did not already know it this area is famous for producing the best prunes in the world but that is another story to come :-)

L x